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Differences boilers «VERDA» from competitors

Now, let's discuss what the main criteria you should follow to choose a good pot among roughly equal in price proposals: The first - is the volume of the chamber Downloads- depends on burning fuel and thus your time spent at the boiler, this parameter boilers VERDA- competition. For example, the boiler BOSCH, power 20kW need to download every two hours. It is a very simple calculation - a standard house of 400 sq.m. for heating requires 5kg. wood per hour based on the volume of the chamber loading VERDA boiler capable of operating on one tab firewood to 14 hours. The second is this volume of water in the boiler. Why is it worth it to pay attention to, but because it is first and foremost the safety of the boiler. After all, in emergency situations is the amount of water in the boiler saves him from destruction. Those boilers in which a small amount of water to work independently without compensation tank can not. Boilers VERDA can work independently with sufficient internal volume of water. Is the mass of the third boiler. She talks about the quantity and quality of the materials used by the manufacturer. We use only high-quality production of the boiler boiler steel, which guarantees its long-term operation. The fourth is maintainability. In boilers VERDA, unlike boilers of other manufacturers is used in the lining of the combustion chambers conventional refractory bricks, so when it is damaged, the wearer can perform his own replacement, without costly replacement combustion chamber cast elements other manufacturers. It should be added that our boilers, thanks to design solutions, has large reserves of heated area. We have examples where the 50-kilowatt boiler heats safely VERDA 2000 sq.m. area. Of course, it all depends on the correct installation of the boiler and insulation of buildings.
Advantages of boilers VERDA: Adjustable (primary air supply) the combustion process, a large loading chamber can work with one tab for quite a long time, up to 14 hours (with conventional wood boilers about 2-3 hours. For the automatic regulation of parameters. Complete combustion of fuel. As a result, , guaranteed efficiency of combustion, sometimes it is necessary to clean the ash box and flues two-stage combustion to reduce excess air in the flue gas (increases efficiency) The combustion process of pyrolysis gas is easy to control and adjust, allowing you to automate the boiler VERDA approximately the same extent as that of the gas or oil boilers Reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere (in particular, the high temperature in the lower chamber suppresses CO) The use of this type of boilers stimulates the use nepodsushennogo fuel, which increases the efficiency of managing the firing of large (even not skinned) wood. Low demands on the humidity of wood in Unlike counterparts. Smokeless loading, reloading topliva- clean boiler, the owner of the net. Convenient wide openings for loading and maintenance of the boiler Cost of 1 kW of heat energy only 0.11 kopeks., Which is much more economical than any other source. The cost of the acquisition of the boiler VERDA repaid in one heating season.
As a consequence, this type of boiler efficiency as compared even with the "traditional" analogs may be of the order of 7-15%.
Disadvantages Higher than the "traditional" value Volatility - no smoke pump can not work in a wood pyrolysis boiler can not organize the automatic fuel supply (need big wood); A large part of publications about the pyrolysis boilers has a pronounced advertising character, the result form an objective view of their sometimes problematic.

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