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VERDA 1 Gidrik-Mini

Brand: VERDA
Product Code: 1031
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Car trailer water equipment up to 3 meters. The universal system of supports and directing nominations. Height-adjustable winch assembly to move it along the entire length of the drawbar. The rear lights are mounted on an easily removable lens unit. Wheels 155 / 70R13, bow bearing roller.

Overall dimensions: length - 3450 mm, width - 1530 mm, width of the frame - 1040 mm, drawbar length - 2650 mm, length lozhimenta - 1760 mm. Ability to increase the total length of 550 mm. Weight 100 kg.

Components of the German company AL-KO: torsion 550kg, 500kg winch with strap 6m, plastic fenders, coupling, with jockey wheel clamp mounting.

Trailer demountable system fasteners - ladders. Adjustable the length of the pole.

Certificate EUR 1

Ideal trailer for watercraft BRP Spark

All car trailers passed anticorrosion treatment. Zinc coating frame trailer from the outside and inside - ensures the integrity of the metal is not less than 25 years! Warranty 18 months trailers. The package of documents for registration in the SAI.

Guarantee maintenance of all equipment and products offered by the company VERDA.

ALL TRAILERS VERDA INSURANCE bezoplatnoy! Retail buyers trailers VERDA get insurance as a gift.

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