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Pyrolysis gasification boiler type VERDA R24

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VERDA K24 (TU U 28.2-35980044-001: 2015) Solid, pyrolysis gasification boiler type. Water heating, heating of water with working pressure of 0.3 MPa (3.0 kg / sm.kv.), temperatures up to 85 ° C, designed for heating residential, office, industrial, warehouse and other premises.

    Nominal output 24 kW
    Efficiency 85%
    The water temperature (min \ max) 0S65 \ 85
    The system pressure (working \ max) MPa 0.2 \ 0.3
    Dimensions: Height (mm) 1530; Width (mm) 814; Depth (mm) 1 100
    Hopper: Height (mm) 700; Width (mm) 512; Depth (mm) 600
    Hopper (liters) 215
    Capacity firewood (≈kg) 75
    Length of wood (cm) 50
    A wood-fired power load (≈kVt) 250
    Burning time of not less than one bookmark (≈ch.) 10
    The size of the pipes (inch) 1 1/4
    The size of the nozzle of the security group (inch) 3/4
    Chimney (mm) 150
    Weight of the boiler without water (kg) 506

Gasification boiler "Verdi" is designed to heat domestic, industrial, warehouse, office premises and other outbuildings. Fuel - solid wood (acacia, oak, etc.), The coolant water. The boilers can be operated in open or closed heating system, under pressure of 0.3 MPa.

The basis of the principle of the boiler burning wood gas emitted by burning wood in a lack of oxygen (pyrolysis). Wood gas formation occurs in the upper chamber (load chamber). The resulting gas, after passing through a bed of burning coals and the nozzle limiting the power into the lower chamber lined with refractory material ignites and burns in a flame at a high temperature (≈800-1000S °). Then the hot gases pass through the heat exchanger and the flue exhaust fan output.

Boilers "Verdi" operate in fully automatic mode. The user just need to download the logs periodically, set the temperature of the coolant, everything else takes on the boiler control unit. When the burn through the wood, automatic shut off the boiler from the network. Just to the boiler control unit can be connected domestic hot water system and other devices, save a lot of costs for additional automation.

The boilers "Verdi", set wide doorways that allows you to upload large diameter wood and a length of 50 to 70 cm (depending on model). Due to the small middle door, you can control the rest of the wood without breaking the regime gassing, produce ignition of the boiler and clean it.

The average duration of the boiler at a loading of about 10 hours, which allows for partial content of wood, morning and evening. And kindle the boiler does not need to ignite the wood perfectly on the remaining embers.

If the heat consumption is less than the power of the boiler, while working on one load can reach up to one day. In this mode, the boiler when it reaches a predetermined temperature and the lack of selection of the heat goes into "STOP" and will continue to work automatically when the temperature drops.

Boilers "Verdi" achieve high efficiency (85%). In the heat exchanger of the boiler and chimney are formed of resin, and your pot will last for many years.

Due to the structural features, as well as the forced draft exhaust fan, loading and cleaning the boiler is smokeless and dust with soot.

Boiler "Verdi" will warm your house, and ease of use will cause only positive emotions.

--------------------------------- VERDA ---------------- --------------------

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Guarantee maintenance of all equipment and products offered by the company VERDA.

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